Wedding Planning Company

Newborn Events is a full service wedding planning company in Coimbatore. We offer a wide variety of customizable planning services to ensure your wedding, special event, or other occasion is executed according to your vision and plan.Our objective is to provide you with the assistance, guidance, support, and expertise you require in order to have a fun, exciting, and memorable event you and your guests will remember for a life time.

What We Do

Newborn Events are the experts you need to take care of all the fine details required when planning a wedding, events, parties, special occasions, and booking bands and entertainment. We will help you select the theme, decorations,music, food, and more, based upon your specific requirements and objectives.

Wedding Planners

As such, we not only understand how to help you plan your dream wedding, but also adhere to the highest industry standards to provide you with a wedding you will cherish for the rest of your life.

Wedding Bands and Entertainment

Newborn Events can provide you access to the top wedding bands, DJs, and entertainers to have at your wedding reception. Our bands, DJs, and entertainers are exclusive to NewbornEvents.

Your Benefits

* Joy
* Quality
* Cost reduction / transparency
* Creativity
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